From OneDC

DC Council is about to vote on a bill to spend $56 million to subsidize the proposed redevelopment of Brookland Manor – which could potentially result in the displacement of hundreds of working class individuals and families and the destruction of a deeply rooted community.

Tell the DC Council that you Stand with Brookland Manor Tenants and Oppose the Use of Tax Money to Finance Displacement!

  • Mid-City Financial proposes to redevelop Brookland Manor by building over 1000 new luxury units for high-wage professionals, while substantially reducing the amount of affordable housing for working class families that currently live there.
  • Brookland Manor tenants are actively fighting displacement through community organizing and litigation. Tenants have two pending legal cases against Mid-City: one for civil rights violations and one for violations of zoning regulations.
  • Despite tenant opposition and the inevitable displacement of working class families, the DC Council is considering a bill which would provide millions in tax payer dollars to support Mid-City’s redevelopment of Brookland Manor. B22-986, the “Rhode Island Avenue (RIA) Tax Increment Financing Act of 2018” authorizes $56 million of public subsidies through Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

The Brookland Manor/ Brentwood Village Residents Association board is outraged by the proposal and has written testimony demanding that any redevelopment preserve existing affordable units and bedroom sizes and protect current residents from displacement.

Click here to add your name or organization to the petition.

The DC Council plans to vote on B22-986 on December 18, 2018.

Sent on behalf of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless and the Brookland Manor / Brentwood Vilage Residents Association.

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