From DC Climate Coalition:

The Clean Energy DC Act needs your help. The real possibility of a more energy-efficient DC powered by 100% renewables is just around the corner. It’s incredible to feel that finally something good could happen for our climate. All your activism is paying off… But we’re not in the clear yet.

As you know, the DC Council gave a preliminary unanimous approval for this key climate bill on November 27. But right before the vote, lobbyists for utility giant Pepco-Exelon pulled a sneaky move to weaken the bill.

That’s why I’m asking you to take one last action before the final Council vote, which is happening this Tuesday, December 18. Please call the DC Council today to demand a STRONG Clean Energy DC Act, free of Pepco-Exelon’s dirty fingerprints. Check out this call script to easily send the right message to Councilmembers.

After you’ve done that, RSVP to join us on Tuesday at the Wilson Building for the final vote! We’ll send details on timing as soon we as get them, but we want to pack the room as the DC Council votes for this historic bill, so mark your calendars now.

The Clean Energy DC Act would secure 100 percent renewable electricity by 2032, create groundbreaking energy efficiency standards, raise money to weatherize low-income homes, provide major incentives for electric cars, and much more. It is critical that we restore the Clean Energy DC act to its original strength. Through back-door channels far from public scrutiny, Pepco killed a provision of the bill that would require utilities to enter into long-term contracts with renewable energy companies, creating new demand for clean energy and reducing electricity rates for DC residents. Pepco’s parent company, Exelon, thinks that could hurt its nuclear business. But, by removing the requirement for those contracts, they are actually pumping an additional 710,000 tons of greenhouse gas pollution – 8.1% of DC’s total emissions! – into our atmosphere every year.

Pepco didn’t stop there. They wanted even more money, so they slipped in a provision allowing them to profit from undercutting DC’s existing energy efficiency programs. The best part for Pepco? If they get their way, they will charge customers in DC for their so-called efficiency program (plus 9 percent of pure profit), even if they don’t save any energy!

Tell the DC Council to reject Pepco-Exelon’s greedy amendments, and pass Councilmember Cheh’s original Clean Energy DC Act now.

Then, I hope you join us at the Wilson Building for the last full Council vote next Tuesday, December 18th. We expect the vote to happen between late morning and mid-afternoon, and will let you know as soon as we find out the final schedule! 

Our allies in the Council who care about the climate, justice, and good governance are working hard to beat back Pepco’s shady strategies. But they’re facing an uphill battle to secure all the votes we need to clean up the polluter’s mess. That’s why your call matters so much. Call these key Councilmembers right now to demand real climate action, not capitulation to dirty utility giants.

With your help, we’re almost there!

Thanks for using your voice,

Camila Thorndike
DC Campaign Director
CCAN Action Fund

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