On Wednesday afternoon, as Save the Vote was frantically numbering the petitions at Board of Elections in order to submit them before the deadline, they received word that Judge Kravitz issued his unfair ruling which stated that the Board of Elections made a mistake by not providing the public with enough notice for their Friday, November 9th hearing concerning the referendum. Based on that error, the judge ruled that Referendum 008 petitions could be accepted by the Board of Elections, but not counted.

This action by the judge allowed the legislation Save the Vote was seeking to repeal become law.  Even though they followed the law throughout this process, they were punished by an error that was made by the government. Had the Board of Elections opted to hold their hearing the following week on Tuesday, November 13, which would have been proper public notice, Save the Vote would have had 4 days, after legal challenges, to collect the required number of signatures.  “We can both thank the Board of Elections for allowing us to circulate petitions and for them not to be counted. We believe a gross miscarriage of justice took place and are currently appealing the judges ruling. We believe DC voters will ultimately have the final say!!”

For more information, the Washington Post has published two articles:

Councilmember Charles Allen (Ward 6) has written this letter to the DC Board of Elections.


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