The Poor People’s Campaign DC is currently supporting or participating in these local DC issues:

Save Our Vote –

In November voters passed the Initiative 77 which sought to eliminate the tip credit, which allows employers to pay tipped workers $3.89 per hour instead of the standard minimum wage of $13.25 per hour.. But then the D.C. Council overturned the vote. Referendum 8 seeks to repeal the repeal and and stop the practice of the DC City Council disenfranchising voters.

Conditions at the DC Central Cell Block

The DC Poor People’s Campaign is demanding that the DC Central Cell Block be “closed or cleaned” due to inmates being kept in filthy cells infested with roaches and rodents.

Barry Farms (Gentrification)

n 2005, the District government launched the New Communities Initiative — a plan to redevelop the 444 units at Barry Farm into a mixed-use, mixed-income community, which officials say would have space for former Barry Farm residents. However, fears of gentrification and displacement have delayed the project.

Proposed PepCo Sub-station in NE

Pepco is preparing to bring a $143 million electrical substation to property in Washington’s Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood that is next to a school and currently is home to a community garden. Community activists are attempting to thwart the plans, citing health concerns, saying an industrial facility does not belong so close to a school and is not needed in lieu of the effort to convert to renewable sources of energy.